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Sold-out Shows / Gigantic Gala Concerts 2008

Christine’s latest concert tour to the Eastern part of Canada couldn’t have been more successful! Her concerts in Montreal and Ottawa, as well the Radio Herz Gala shows in Toronto, St. Catharines and Kitchener where she affirmed herself with 3 other well-known award-winning stars from Europe were totally sold out. She received several standing ovations during each of her shows and the audience literally celebrated her after she was coming down the stage and going through the crowd on the way back to the dressing room. The shows drew fans from all over Canada and the USA.


This is what the press has to say about her latest concert tours:

Christine Schuhmann’s excellent linguistic knowledge (English, French, German, Swiss, Italian and Spanish) and her crystal clear voice allows her an incredible many-sided and diverse repertoire. With her dynamically, exceedingly friendly personality she captivated her listeners and inspired with yodelling tunes, classical interpretations and popular songs a la Celine Dion, Sarah Brightman and Nana Mouskouri. Her wonderful “Ave Maria” sung in Latin, was performed like in a cathedral. Also Christine Schuhmann got several standing ovations for her fantastic appearance.

One of the major recent attractions must have been the “Radio Herz Gala” – celebrating ten years of Paul Schneider’s “Heimatsender” Radio Station.

Deutsche Presse, by Rosemarie Meyer


The gala was fabulous and sold out in all the various locations where the event was scheduled. The famous artists in this delightful program were Lys Assia, Regina Engel, Christine Schuhmann and Marcel Schweizer.

Kudos to Radio Herz and Wolf Promotions for arranging these wonderful concerts.

In Canada Christine belongs already for a long time to one of the most popular classical and folk singers and enjoys big popularity by all Canadians. Just recently had she affirmed herself in a concert tour of Radio Herz with other well-known and award winning celebrities from Europe. Many Canadians admire her for her clear and unmistakable voice and her genuineness.

ECHO GERMANICA, by Dick Altermann


More than two hours presented the singer a varied program and convinced. Even the ones who didn’t know her yet before her appearance in Montreal, became persuaded from her unique clear voice and charisma.

Something special was, that she could present a Swiss yodeling tune as persuasive as a classical song such as „Ave Maria” from Schubert. She has, actually, no problems to sing songs of Nana Mouskouri, Sarah Brightman and Celine Dion. One could feel, that Christine Schuhmann remained a genuine person, and that personal relations and friendship are very important to her. And she knows how to handle the audience. It is an advantage for her also, that she has her own radio hours on Radio Herz.

She is gaining a wide base of fans and her albums are selling out wherever she appears. Christine is on her way to becoming an internationally known singing sensation and we can be proud to say she comes from Elma, Manitoba. Elma’s Christine Schuhmann knows how to pull in crowds, after she just returned from performing three straight sold-out shows in Ontario.

Das Echo, by Paul-Christian Walter, Editor


The Clipper Weekly, by Carol Ans


“It was such a great experience,” she told the Leader this week. “I talked to so many fans who came a long way to see me perform. I really enjoyed it.” Christine and husband Hermann travelled to Toronto, Kitchener, and St. Catharines for three gala concerts celebrating the 10th anniversary of Radio Herz, a Toronto-based German language radio station.

She shared the stage with three award-winning stars from her native Europe – Lys Assia, Regina Engel and Marcel Schweizer (a former Mr. Switzerland). She also performed her own sold-out shows in Montreal and Ottawa, which also drew fans not only from Canada and the USA, but overseas as well, proving that one need look no further than Elma for world-class musical talent.

Never in Canadian history has an artist been known with abilities like Christine possesses: excellent linguistic knowledge (English, French, German, Swiss, Italian and Spanish) and a crystal clear voice which allows her an incredible many-sided and diverse repertoire, and last but not least, her dynamically, exceedingly friendly personality. In fact, only a very small number of celebrity artists is known around the world which are similar gifted as Christine. As a fan of her once expressed, “when Christine starts singing, everyone is standing still and listens with awesome respect and admiration”.

Lac Du Bonnet Leader, by Mark Zienkiewicz

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