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Successful Swing to Western Canada

Sold out concerts, several standing ovations during each show and press, radio and TV interviews.

Christine Schuhmann’s concert tour of Western Canada was another exciting and successful venture! The enamoured audiences and organizers have already asked her to return to Alberta and BC.

Prior to the tour, Christine was interviewed by a Canada-wide news publication, the Albertaner. She also had several radio interviews and a TV interview. While in Edmonton, OMNI TV recorded her show. Look for additional articles about the tour in Das Echo, Albertaner, The Carillon and other news publications throughout North America.

Christine was ushered into her sold-out shows by an emcee and the audiences greeted her with standing ovations. She welcomed the crowds in several languages and then inspired the audiences for over two hours with yodeling tunes, folk, pop and classical world hits, as well with her original songs.

Christine also entertained the crowds with stories about her music career, her multilingual ability, stories behind the songs, and amusing tales about her tours. Her last song of the shows, “Ave Maria”, was performed majestically and brought tears to many. The finales stirred the crowds to additional standing ovations to thank Christine.

During intermissions of her concerts Christine signed autograph cards and CD covers for long lines of people. Many new friendships were made and her fan community grew again by a large number.

After the shows, Christine and her husband/musical collaborator Hermann together with some of their fans, spent a few days hiking as well time on the lake enjoying the hot dry weather out West.

This is what the amazed audiences had to say about the concerts in Western Canada:

“The evening was fantastic! With your beautiful voice you must be out there performing, sharing your wonderful talent with everyone!”

Ruth Hahn, Calgary

“It was an excellent concert! I’m stunned! There will be a wonderful article about your performance in “Das Echo”, which I’m going to write tonight yet. You must come back again!”

Christine Rubba, Edmonton

“You have such a beautiful voice, you could be an opera singer! I wish to hear you soon again. Thank you for this fantastic evening, I love your music!”

Mrs. Reuscher

“Your song “Con the partiro” was marvelously sung with such a crystal clear voice. We understood each word! Thank you so much for including this Italian song in your repertoire! We enjoyed it so very much! We love you!”

Your Italian Fans in Kelowna

“Thank you so much for your outstanding performance! I’ve never heard something extraordinary like this. Your musical style, the beautiful variety… I’m speechless! Thank you for your wonderful, amazing performance I enjoyed so much!!”

Sound Technician in Edmonton

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